AGM 2024

Report and photos of the Annual General Meeting 2024 (AGM 2024) which took place on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bangkok.

Swiss Society Bangkok (SSB) - Annual General Meeting 2024 (AGM 2024)

SSB’s AGM 2024 took place on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 2, managed since many years by Swiss Cluster General Manager Mr. Peter Caprez.

Each year, the Committee of the SSB organizes its AGM as soon as possible after New Year. Due to financial management requirements, specifically the closure of accounting by December 31st and subsequent auditing by external and internal auditors, the meeting can typically be organized no earlier than March. Thus far, it has been a tradition for the AGM to be held in one of the hotels managed by an SSB member. This tradition has been relatively easy to maintain since many hotels in Bangkok count SSB members among their ranks, whether as managers or chefs. The current SSB Committee aims to uphold this tradition.

Discussions with General Manager Peter Caprez regarding the organization of the 2024 AGM in early January were constructive, as he understood well the needs of the SSB, which represents a rather demanding Swiss clientele seeking services at a privileged rate.

The agenda for the AGM followed the same format as in previous years: Registration and an aperitif commenced between 5:30 and 6:00 PM with approximately an hour of members mingling and conversing. Upon registration, guests were served aperitifs in the tastefully arranged Ballroom reception area. Red and white wine were sponsored by the Swiss embassy, while soft drinks and finger foods were provided by the hotel.

Subsequently, attendees moved to a section of the ballroom set up with theater-style seating and a stage, where the Committee members were seated. The business segment concluded precisely within one hour, which included the election of the new Committee members, who were elected for another three-year term. With 80 voting members present and 4 proxy votes, the meeting comfortably met the quorum requirement (1/5 of 218 members with voting right). 

Elected SSB Committee members with respective tasks are (in alphabetical order): Mr. Saïd Bidoggia (website, social media), Mr. Christian Brunner (president), Mr. Sacha Bürgi (coordinator of events), Mr. Thomas Gerber (archive, registration of SSB), Mr. Alessandro Haab (food and beverage), Mr. Michel Henriod (treasurer), Mr. Pierre Panchaud (secretary, membership admin.), Mr. Josef Schnyder (vice-president, ASO delegate). Mr. Jacques Baudevin, delegate from the Swiss embassy, and Mr. Christian Vogel, delegate from the RIS Swiss section, remain in the SSB Committee as advisors. Once again, no ladies were available for the SSB board.

Participants in the AGM 2024 were consistently cooperative, ensuring that the business segment concluded efficiently, allowing everyone to transition smoothly to the dinner portion of the event. 

A separated part of the ballroom featured elegantly decorated dinner tables and an extensive buffet of Swiss dishes, satisfying the hunger of society members and guests. SSB Committee member Alessandro Haab, responsible for Food and Beverage, successfully prepared the chef and kitchen staff. One minor complaint was noted: the crème slices (Cremeschnitten) could have contained more crème filling between the puff pastry layers. However, overwhelmingly positive feedback was received from the 102 members and guests in attendance regarding the culinary offerings. 

Regarding the AGM 2024 at the JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 2, we are pleased to report that the staff executed all three segments of the event - aperitif, official meeting, and dinner - admirably. Positive feedback and encouraging comments from several participants to this AGM at the JW Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 2 has bolstered the Committee's confidence.

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