, Andreas Mikes SSB Secretary

Get Together 21 December 2021

Tuesday 21 December 2021 at Chesa Bangkok 25 Members and Guest at our last Event in 2021.

Josef Schnyder, Vice President of the Swiss Societ Bangkok welcomed the guests and thanked all members for their loyal support of the SSB during the year. It had been a difficult year, with Covid-19 and the postponement of many events. May the coming year bring a definitive end to the pandemic so that normal operations can be resumed. Daniel Stauffacher, Executive President of the STCC then gave a presentation on the Swiss Thai Chamber of Commerce.  The STCC currently has about 200 corporate members, who employ about 50,000 people in Thailand. Corporate members range from start-up companies to established SMEs to large multinational organizations and represent all major sectors of the Swiss economy, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, insurance, banking, consulting and other professional services. In addition, associate members represent a wide range of business people of high standing who are closely associated with the Swiss-Thai investment and business scene. After the lecture, the evening moved on to the social part with the traditional "Nüsslisalat" and delicious "meat fondu" prepared by René und Thomas and his team from the Chesa restaurant. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everabody. 

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