Get Together # 74 Mathias Greger *** A brief history of DKSH in Thailand ***

  ***  A brief history of DKSH in Thailand ***

 Again full house at the Swiss Restaurant Chesa, 30 members and guests at Get Together # 74  Mathias Greger 

 Source:   *The Fantree Company*  Written by: Friedemann Bartu, Zurich Published by:    Diethelm Keller Holding LTD. (DKH) 2005  


 The founding fathers  “Go East Young Man!”


1877:    Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm becomes a full partner in Hooglandt & Co, buying 35% of the  shares with help of his mentor, J. R.  Riedtmann
1884:    W. H. Diethelm becomes Vice Consul of Russia. Later: Consul of Denmark. Diethelm Singapore acts as diplomatic representations for Austria and Argentina
1885:    Contract is signed between C. Lutz and Keller that passes the business to Keller – Ed. A. Keller & Co. (Switzerland and the Philippines). Name change in 1887
1886:    W. H. Diethelm returns to Switzerland. Founded W.H. Diethelm in Zurich  (general agent for Hooglandt in Singapore)
1906:    Diethelm becomes an AG, to fund expansion. Diethelm appoints professional managers; remains chairman till his death in 1932.
Opening Diethelm & Co. in Bangkok
1908:    Keller becomes an AG. Ed. A Keller dies, leaving 8 children. W.H. Diethelm becomes representative of Keller’s children, who are still very young
1911:    Willy Diethelm (son of W.H.D.) dies in Bangkok of Cholera at the age of 27 1914:    Wilhelm Max (Willy) Keller (1883-1955) marries Anna Diethelm, daughter of W.H.D. Their son E. Luk Keller (1915-1994) will become father of Andreas W. Keller  
1921:   Willy M. Keller (son-in-law of W.H.D.) appointed vice-chairman of Diethelm & Co. Ltd. 1931:    Diethelm & Co., Ltd. is granted permission by Royal Warrant to display the royal Garuda emblem, the official seal of the Royal Household of Thailand. During the WW II – Supporting the Red Cross Following WWII, Thailand office one of very few international trading houses still operational (importance of American agencies)  
1950s: Building of comprehensive network of branch offices and thus, distribution system throughout Thailand (including Haadyai, Chang Mai and Khon Kaen, etc.)  1950s:  Motoring department strongest. All BKK taxis (= Austins) sold by Diethelm. Also: Goodyear tyres and Oldham batteries)  
1955:    Bangkok benefits from closure of Saigon office for political  and economical reasons 1956:   Rama IX visits the Diethelm pavilion at international trade fair in Bangkok     
(50th anniversary of Diethelm)
1957:    Diethelm & Co. Ltd. becomes Swissair agent in Bangkok  (new route ZRH – BKK – Tokyo)
1958:    Setup of Diethelm Travel Bangkok  
1960s: Food department strongest (Dr. A. Wander = Ovaltine All expats had to learn Thai. Employment contracts forbade expats to marry local women  
1970s: Indochina wars: foreign investments to prevent communism. Pragmatic Thai foreign policy, Thai modernization process
1972:    Diethelm sole distributor of Nestle products in Thailand  
1984:    Termination of Nestle agency. Representing Levi’s  
1990s: Construction of Diethelm Towers at Wireless Rd.
2002:     Merger between SiberHegner Holding Ltd. and Diethelm Keller Services Asia into DKSH Ltd. (June 19th) Generating CHF 4.7 bn turnover with 14,600 staff in 30 countries “ A fusion of muscles and brain.”
2012:     DKSH Holding Ltd. goes public at the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX)
2015:    DKSH celebrates 150th anniversary
2017:    Stefan P. Butz new DKSH's CEO  Former CEO, Dr. Joerg Wolle, replaces Adrian T. Keller as Chairman of the Board of Directors
2019:     Joerg Wolle resigns his position as Chairman, leaving DKSH Adrian T. Keller returns as Chairman Marco Gadola designated to become Chairman in 2020  
Source:   “The Fantree Company” Written by: Friedemann Bartu, Zurich Published by:    Diethelm Keller Holding LTD. (DKH) 2005  
ISBN 10: 3033003265  ISBN 13: 9783033003262
Mathias Greger hands over one of these books to Christian Brunner who will gladly make it available to interested members.
Christian  thanked for the interesting lecture and handed over a Vaucher sponsored by Linus Knobel for the Brasserie 9 to Mathias Greger.
Many thanks to all participants and also to the whole Chesa team who spoiled us with an excellent menu.