, John Hauenstein

Marigot Jewellery Ayutthaya 6 Feb 2018

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6 February 2018 – Visit at Marigot Jewelery Ltd -

Swarovski 22 participants joined this event at the plant in Ayutthaya. The group was welcomed by Mrs. Nopanalin Gintschel, Senior Manager QMS, Mr. Naris Phanichkul, Vice President Supply Chain Management. In his presentation he informed us about the plant in Ayutthaya and the 2 nd plant in Bangpoo, Thailand, both 100% owned companies of the Swarovski Group with its Headquarters based in Switzerland. The Swarovski Group is worldwide number one in the fashion jewelry industry segment. The famous chemical Swarovski stones are exclusively produced in Austria, but the final products, like jewelry, are mainly produce in Thailand. The company Marigot started their production in Ayutthaya in 1988. In 2017 they produced 17,4 m pieces of jewelry in Ayutthaya. All products are exported to Liechtenstein and Singapore and from there to many countries around the world. The jewelry production starts with the design, then goes to the metal part production the surface finishing and finally ends with the assembling. The guided tour around the plant gave an excellent impression about the high-quality standards of each production step. After the interesting tour around the top modern plant the group was welcomed by Mr. Jakkrapong Meechaiyo, Head of Manufacturing Network Technical Training & Transfer. He answered many questions and explained that thanks to a permanent reorganization of all processes, the productivity is growing which is very important for the future, as many new competitors try to penetrate the market of fashion jewelry. At the end Mr. Jeerasage Puranasamriddhi, Managing Director Manufacturing offered to all guests a lovely Swarovski neckless. Andre Graber, President of SSB, in exchange offered a small giftbag from Switzerland to the team who took care of the group. The day ended with an excellent dinner at the Restaurant Sala in Ayutthaya with a splendid view across the river Chao Phraya to some ancient illuminated monuments of Thai history