Swiss Society Bangkok Raclette Party 2022

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Raclette evening of the Swiss Society Bangkok at the Swiss Embassy On Saturday, November 26th, the traditional Raclette Evening of the Swiss Society Bangkok took place where the main attraction was its host Pedro Zwahlen, Swiss Ambassador-designate to Thailand, Laos and Camodia. He has just arrived in Thailand and was able to welcome already many Swiss people at this event. To set the mood, a glass of Swiss white wine was offered by the Swiss Embassy as an aperitif. SSB President Christian Brunner welcomed all guests, thanked the volunteers, especially the team of the Swiss Embassy, for their commitment and briefly introduced the program of the evening. In his welcome speech, the Ambassador-designate mentioned that he will be close to the Swiss community in Thailand and also wants to celebrate the traditional events such as the Swiss National Day and the Raclette evening in the garden of his residence. He also plans to continue to maintain the virtual "Townhall meetings" his predecessor introduced as a useful information platform and as a means of communicating with his countrymen. After receiving a bottle of red wine of international distinction from Khao Yai, Mr. Zwahlen remarked with amazement that not only coffee but also excellent wine is grown in Thailand. In his entertaining remarks in English, French and Bernese German, he briefly informed about past and upcoming activities of the Embassy. It was very much appreciated that the new ambassador greeted almost all guests personally. In the further course of the evening Pedro Zwahlen showed himself very close to the people, often in animated discussions with young and old. At the request of some visitors, Conradin Rasi, the Deputy Chief of Mission introduced the eight Embassy staff members who were among the guests at the Raclette evening by name and function. The Raclette evening is traditionally held at the end of November, because that is when it usually stopped raining in Bangkok. But this year is exceptional: it rained rather heavily one day before the event, so the tables were set up in under the roof. However, at 16.30 it was decided at short notice to place the 8 tables from the sheltered entrance area nevertheless in the garden. The fact that the event was miraculously spared from rain on this Saturday evening certainly contributed to the pleasant mood of all guests. There were even voices that would have liked to swing the dance leg. But the decisive factors for the good atmosphere were the Swiss specialties served as appetizers as well as the eight raclette stations, which were served professionally, so that the wait for the next portion of cheese was very short. The paparazzo has done some research: - The first thing to note is certainly that it takes a gourmet professional like Linus Knobel to create such a balanced appetizer and find the appropriate suppliers. - For the starter, in addition to the world-famous Muotathaler Wetterschmöckerli from the Heinzer butcher's shop in Muotathal, we had dried meat, raw bacon, Hölllochteufel, Hirsch Salsiz, and Landjäger with a mixed Gourmet Primo breadbasket. - The transport can only be guessed, probably by post bus from the valley to the next train station, then via parcel center Härkingen or Frauenfeld by SBB to the airport, by plane to Bangkok where the consignments were immediately forwarded by Bangkok Air Catering to the subsidiary Gourmet Primo. - Since the products were smoked sausage and meat products, a cold chain was not necessary, but the freshness and quality preservation could be ensured by vacuuming. - Unfortunately, the Central Switzerland Milk Purchasers Association and the Northwestern Switzerland Milk Association EMMI could not supply enough of the required 13 bodies of Raclette cheese with of 8kg, so the missing kilos were filled with Heidi Raclette cheese from the MIGROS subsidiary Mifroma. - Due to the heavy rains this year in Thailand, the potatoes had to be imported from Australia. - With the choice of Swiss red or white wines, beer and soft drinks there was a drink to suit everyone's taste. - The Raclette feast was rounded off in true Swiss style with Mövenpick ice cream and a fruit salad from Thai production with a splash of Kirsch, if you wished so. The Gourmet Primo team was on site with over 40 staff members, including 11 chefs who ensured the smooth running of the event with 8 raclette stations. All in all, this was certainly a successful event of the Swiss Society Bangkok. There were 152 adults, 8 youth (7-16 years), and 10 children (0-7 years). A special thanks goes to SSB Vice-President Josef Schnyder as head of the organizing committee. Bangkok, 29 November 2022 John Hauenstein (Paparazzo) and Christian Brunner Our thank goes also to Conradin Rasi and all the staff, Linus Knobel and Khun Direk with their team from Gourmet Primo, the organisers from the SSB board Josef Schnyder, Sacha Bürgi and Christian Brunner, in particular Khun Ink, Khun Nok, Gundula and Paul Salk as well as Guido, who stood in for us at short notice due to illness, and of course all our members and guests who contributed to this wonderful evening.

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