Get Together #67

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Tue 20th November Chesa 25 members and friends at the get together with Regula Schmidhauser Regula Schmiedhauser lives since 2012 Bangkok and works as Blogger for an international company. She gave us an overview of the significance of multimedia in the world, Thailand and Switzerland. Worldwide 3.4 Billion (44%) are active multimedia users, in Thailand 51 Million (74%) and in Switzerland 4.4 Million (52%). The 6 dominant platforms are 1) Facebook, 2) YouTube 3) WhatsApp, 4) FB messenger, 5) Wiexin/Wechat and 6) Instagram. The in Thailand popular platform "line" ranks only 19. Interesting figures are as well the number of mobile subscriptions in Thailand of 93.61 Million (135%) whereas in Switzerland only 10.75 Million (126%). A reason for this difference might be the coverage of PC owners in Switzerland. Our observation that mobiles are used much more than in Switzerland are shown with following figures: Active mobile social users in Thailand 46 million (67%) and in Switzerland 3.7 million (43%). We thank Regula for this highly interesting talk! Again we enjoyed delicious food at the Swiss Restaurant Chesa and thank Thomas Novak for sponsoring the dinner for Regula and handing over the token of appreciation (a voucher for a Sunday brunch) to Regula.

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