Get Together #69

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Tue 22 January 2019 Restaurant Chesa Bangkok 24 Members and Guest Mainly young members and Guests joined our get Together to hear about the successful startup company Mister Loo. Two young Swiss, Andreas Wanner and Dominic Schuler told us how they met when they were working as investment banker for UBS. They got bored about their shit-job and developed the idea of an innovative public toilet concept – from shit to shit……. Mister Loo is an innovative public toilet concept from Switzerland offering clean restrooms and state-of-the-art refreshing facilities to international tourists and local travellers in a safety environment at highly frequented public locations like tourist attractions, markets, beaches, pedestrian zones as well as train, bus, and gas service stations in Thailand and Vietnam. Mister Loo wants to turn the uncomfortable process of visiting a public toilet facility into an enjoyable experience. You will spend on average 3 years of your life sitting on a toilet. Consequently, make sure that you do not waste your time using public toilets but rather use one of Mister Loo premium toilets. Some come to sit and think, others just to shit and stink…..

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