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Infos about COVID-19 situation in Thailand (update 21 Oct 2021 Thailand entry requirements)

Infos about COVID-19 from Swiss Embassy , Department of Disease Control (Thai and Engl.) , The Government Public Relations Department , TAT News , Immigration , MFA and Thailand Medical News , Thai Embassy Switzerland, Certificate of Entry - CoE (Registration for repatriation flights), Vaccination for the Swiss abroad

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Einreisebescheinigung - CoE

  Thailand Entry Requirements

( available also in German and French )
UPDATE (October 21st) The official list of countries for quarantine-free entry was released today, as well as entry requirements (notice).



COVID-19 Vaccination

Under what conditions can Swiss Abroad be vaccinated in Switzerland and what is the vaccination strategy of the Swiss Confederation?

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Infos COVID-19 Department of Disease Control (Thai and Engl.) 

Department of Disease Control

Please follow the news from the Ministry of Public Health. If there are any questions, ask at the Department of Disease Control Hotline 1422 for 24 hours per day
or website: https://ddc.moph.go.th/viralpneumonia/eng/index.php, Twitter, Facebook, Line official, Tik Tok “ไทยรู้ สู้โควิด” and Line official ChatBot 1422 “Kor-Ror-OK”,
Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.
People can check for scams at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society at www.antifakenewscenter.com

actual situation 


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Website The Government Public Relations Department      (Thai  and Engl.)

 Facebook The Government Public Relations Department   (regular update from the Thai government regarding Thailand's #COVID19 situation)


Round-the-clock updates on issues affecting tourism and travel in Thailand; such as, natural disasters and health concerns with fast facts, figures and data about the current situation in the Kingdom.

Announcement of the Ministry of Interior regarding special permission for certain classes of aliens to be in the Kingdom, dated 7 April 2020 (Thai and Engl.)  
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand



Thailand Coronavirus News is a section dedicated to the new coronavirus  (Thai and Engl.)